Little Engineers Nursery

Little Engineers Nursery

Internet Safety Day

On Tuesday 11th February 2020 it was Internet Safety Day where we focused on the importance of being safe while we use our mummy, daddy or family member's phone or tablet.

In circle time we inform children on a daily basis that when they see something on the Internet that may make them feel scared or sad, they must let a grown up now immediately.

Alice Parker, the SENCO and Online Safety officer came in and lead out on a 10-minute session with the children. The session involved showing a little video clip on Youtube called Child Focus "E-Safety" where the children sat and watched for just under 2 minutes.

Alice introduced and read a book about "Dot" the little girl who knows everything about electronic devices. This reiterated that if children see something that makes them upset or sad, they should tell a grown-up straight away. 

Alice left us with a poster and parent guidelines which you can access below. We take Internet safety and have an Online E-Safety policy that we follow to ensure the safeguarding of our children.

Please see below some guidelines and information from the following links: