Little Engineers Nursery

Little Engineers Nursery

Summer Graduates - Class of 2021

On Friday 27th August we celebrated the summer graduates. It was such a windy day so we were very thankful that the Engine Room allowed us to host our Graduation in their main hall, instead of outside in the gated area in Hale Village.

After not allowing parents into the setting and cancelling events and trips in order for us to stay safe over the past year, it was so nice to see so many family members and friends support the leavers.

All the children were dressed beautifully and were excited to see each other. After a good run around the hall and plenty of hugs, the children settled down and Saffron started the service with a heart-warming speech.

Parents, family members and friends were glad to see their children be part of the event and were ready with their cameras and phones taking pictures of their bundles of joy. 

Each child was called one by one by Saffron and Cheyenne, who gave them their certificates and took pictures with the children. A group picture was taken with all the children with their lovely smiles. 

The Little Engineers staff were very sad to say bye to the children but was delighted to hear that some of the children will be back for our Holiday Club in October.

The staff again would like to thank all staff, parents and children for being part of our family and it really was a joy to be part of seeing children grow and develop in the past couple of years.