Little Engineers Nursery

Little Engineers Nursery

Sharing concerns

At Little Engineer Nursery we want to hear about parents' concerns regarding their child's progress or wellbeing.

Parents are advised, in the first instance, to raise any concerns with their child's key worker. Most issues, in our experience, are happily resolved at this level.

Should the matter remain unresolved, the Nursery Manager who is always available to discuss individual cases with parents. Please make an appointment at the office for a meeting or telephone conversation.

In the unusual event that matters are not settled to your satisfaction, the next step is to inform the Executive Headteacher in writing of your concerns. If that does not resolve the issue then you should write to the CEO of the LDBS Academy Trust who will then deal with the matter.

If the matter remains unresolved then parents can contact OFSTED:0300 123 1231

The full Complaints policy explaining the process in detail is available on our website and the document is available from the office.

All correspondence should be sent to the office.

Click here to see who you talk to if you have a concern.